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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSaaS technology?

MSaas = Modular Software as a Service.

This simply means you only pay for what you use. Rather than upgrading to the next level shopping cart software package, you can simply add the app that you need at a lower cost.

With Ashop Commerce, it's easier and faster to begin. What better way to start you're online store!


How do I start selling online?

Just signup and you will instantly receive your store information directly to your email account.

The setup form helps you partially build your online store, so you've already take the biggest step in getting started.


How is Ashop commerce any different from competitors?

There is a clear difference between Ashop Commerce shopping cart software and other software providers.
Take note of three major differences;

1) Steer clear of "shop in a box" providers. Upgrades, security, support, hosting, bugs, feature upgrades, advice, gateway fees and the software purchase can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Plus they can be hard to set up for the average user.

2) Developing web stores from scratch will cost you time and money without giving you the professional edge an ASP (application service provider) can give you without all the hassle. The additional monthly fees also end up similar to Ashop Commerce shopping cart software's monthly fees.

3) Lastly, Ashop Commerce is a professional ecommerce company specialising in shopping cart software development, we provide a total solution to online selling. Most companies will only provide you with a basic version of what we do. Both the functionality and design will be inferior. Most "shopping cart providers" are hosting companies that "resell" open source ecommerce software.

Selling online requires a need to maintain control over every aspect of your e-business: Stock control, customer relations, search engine promotions, sales reports and invoicing. Click Here for full list of features.

Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart Software Advantages:

FREE tech support services by e-mail, web chat and phone.
Completely customisable design from admin panel
Advanced and ever-improving technology with free upgrades
FREE SSL security
Search engine optimised store 
Affordable monthly payments
15 day free trial
No fixed term contracts
Years of experience and from thousands of merchants
See More...


What Do I Get?

Ashop Commerce give you a very generous range of inclusions on all plans;

  • A fully functional online store
  • Certified PayPal integration
  • Use your own domain
  • Email
  • Online 24 hour instant chat support
  • Ultra fast Rackspace hosting
  • Free webspace View Details
  • 24 hour, 365 day security maintenance
  • SSL Security certificate for admin and storefront/checkout
  • 99.8% Guaranteed uptime
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Access to Training documentation and Videos
  • Access to Community Support Forum
  • Real-time backups
  • Over 90 FREE professionally designed ready templates
  • Real-time Design Editor
  • 100% Web optimised store structure by some of the world’s best in SEO
  • A solid, easy sale conversion checkout
  • PCI - DSS Compliant Level 1

See full feature list and App's available


Will it take long to setup my shopping cart?

By simply setting up the free trial, you're already over the biggest hurdle. Your theme is chosen, a product uploaded and categories ready.

Now pop in to your admin and customise general settings including shipping, payments and content. It will take approximately one hour to add a few products to the system and to familiarise yourself with the shopping cart programme.


Do I need any other tools to get started?

No. Ashop Commerce is complete and controlled by you from a web-based control panel. You have the ability to control your e-business from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. There are no installations,  plug-ins or downloads.


Can I import all my products and other data in Bulk?

Ashop Commerce has an optional App for bulk import/exporting your inventory list. Microsoft Access and Excel spreadsheets can be uploaded in the correct format to enter new inventory or simply update stock information already in your store.


What languages and currencies can I sell in?

Ashop Commerce offers the ability to convert your storefront to any language. Simply translate any single text available on your storefront via the backend tools available.

The built-in multicurrency converter (app) allows your visitors to select their relevant currency. It will update all products, orders and emails with the equivelant values. You can even set it to recognise the visitor location and change automatically.


Can I use my Ashop Commerce online store as a standalone web site?

Ashop Commerce shopping cart software is extremely powerful as a stand-alone site. It enables you to manage every aspect of your website information as well as all product, shipping, payment and checkout information through the one web based admin panel.

Your shopping cart contains a custom page creator that allows users to add flexible custom information pages.

Alternatively, you can attach your online store to a website you might like to keep. Click here for more options.


Will I convert more sales with my Ashop Commerce?

Definitely! The unique Ashop Commerce online store layout makes it easy for your customers to reach their desired product destinations. This is important because studies have shown if users can't find what they are looking for (in 12-15 seconds or 3 or less clicks)...they click to the next site in the search engine.

Ashop Commerce shopping cart software enables your customers to keep shopping and adding products without moving away from their current shopping page with SOFT ADD TO BASKET.


Ashop Commerce give you a temporary free subdomain name for free, however when you're ready to go live, you can use your own custom domain name. It will rank in the search engines under your own domain name.


Unfortunately reliable technology for one page checkout is not quite there yet.

Single page checkouts use a code called AJAX which enables database calls to be made without refreshing the page a visitor is on. This means, as the visitor enters data for each step within the checkout page, AJAX confirms the data and uses the information to allow the next options e.g. shipping to open. The problem with AJAX is that it's unreliable. A very high percentage of visitors will experience a checkout hang, thus abandonment of the sale.

There are an increasing number of articles being released online from reputable research companies on One page v's Multi page checkouts. The end result? A well designed multi page checkout will convert better than a one page checkout.

If you're ever told the opposite, it will be from a) a company only providing a one page checkout option, or b) Research derived from a poorly design and optimised multi page checkout v's a well built one page checkout.


Can I upgrade and downgrade between the pricing packages at any time?

Yes, you have complete control over your packages and apps being used directly from your admin. Under the My Account page we list all options available and it only takes seconds to switch..


What are the ongoing costs to run my store?

An online store with Ashop Commerce is free for the first ten days using our trial. Build and customise as much as you like at no cost to you.

Then, when you're ready to continue, sign up to any available plan from your admin panel or our website. All your work will be saved and you can go live at any time.


Are there any fixed term contracts?

Absolutely NOT! If the Ashop Commerce does not meet your requirements in an ecommerce software for any reason, you can stop trading and cancel the store directly from your admin panel.


How am I billed?

Your selected plan is charged on a per month basis and from the day of purchase.


Can I have an e-mail account with my shopping cart?

Yes, you get an email account included on all plans and can puchase unlimited email accounts from the App library. These can be added and modified directly from your admin panel. Your email addresses will include your own domain name e.g. "".


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can point your domain name to your store. We do, however recommend only pointing/delegating one domain and redirecting all others to the main domain for SEO purposes.


Who will be hosting my store?

Ashop Commerce is an application service provider meaning we will host your shopping cart on our extremely reliable Rackspace dedicated servers. When you're with Ashop Commerce your store will have a guaranteed 99.8% uptime with real-time backups.

This form of setting up an online store is actually more affordable, reliable and secure than hosting your own store.

When you add up;
-managing uptime
-adding upgrades
-fixing bugs
-doing search engine optimisation
-receiving up to date advice
....and then on top of this having a shopping cart software which doesn't provide you a sufficient ROI, it make sense to go with a hosted shopping cart software.


Can I customise my online stores design and content?

Not a problem! In your admin area you can modify every aspect  from site colours and
fonts to button designs and curved page edges. Your store can change products, categories, shipping methods, discounts, payment types, product descriptions and much, much more. This can be done from any computer connected to the Internet in the world! No software to install.

The only time you will need to contact Ashop Commerce is to create a custom design with a brand new layout. This will become a set store design and can not be modified by the merchant as much as a non graphically designed site, you can still change the general content of your store though.

However, you can create a very unique and professional looking store on your own!


Is there any HTML knowledge required to set up my Store?

You don't need any HTML knowledge to use Ashop Commerce shopping cart software. You DO NOT need to understand HTML or other programming languages to build or maintain your store. Everything is tool based and easy to use.


Does Ashop Commerce offer custom designs for my store?

Yes, Ashop Commerce offers a professional custom store template design: Contact us for more info or take a quick read through our custom design page.


How does the free Facebook Social Store App work?

An Ashop Commerce Social Store is your complete online store built as an app within your friends Facebook Profile's. It is a real-time feed from your shopping cart to your facebook Social Store.

You can "invite" your friends who can add your store app to their profile in a matter of seconds. Your friends can then purchase from your store directly from their own Facebook account.

Please note: This is not a simple product feed with links to your main online store like some basic software's. This free App allows you to build a complete online store with checkout capabilities all within Facebook. For further set-up information, click here to visit the user manual.


How does the B2B App work?

The B2B or Wholesale App allows the merchant to display different products and different prices for individual products to logged in and approved customers.

The merchant can tag a customer as a B2B client so when they next log into the storefront they will see different products and/or different prices for each product. You can also setup different shipping methods and payment methods..


Do you have alerts for new orders?

For every order to your online store, you can select to have both email and SMS notification.


Can customers log into the site and view the status of their order?

Ashop Commerce shopping cart software has a built in feature that allows customers to log into their own administration page. From here, they can view order history, status, invoices and more.

This feature significantly reduces call volume and enhances customer support.


How easy and fast is your checkout?

The checkout is clear, fast and easy.

Nobody wants an abandoned order, so the Ashop Commerce checkout has been specifically designed to ensure your customers are not left wondering where to go next or what to enter. All fields are clearly marked, shipping is simple to choose and there's even a review section for peace of mind ordering.


There is no need for a merchant account when using Ashop Commerce to start your online store. Ashop Commerce ecommerce software is fully interfaced with PayPal and is available for free. If you wish to accept credit cards without a 3rd party payment processing company you will need a merchant account. Over 85% of all online purchases are made with credit cards, we strongly recommend you accept them when starting out.

Ashop Commerce is directly integrated with most major banks where available so there is no need for a gateway, however, we are also integrated with all of the major and reputable gateway providers and can be purchased from the App library.


I already have a merchant account, can I still use this with Ashop Commerce shopping cart software?

You can use almost any pre-existing merchant account to process your orders online with your Ashop Commerce shopping cart depending on your plan. Simply enter your details into the admin section of your store or call us to make changes.

Please click here to see a full list of integrated payment gateways.


What other payment methods do you have available?

You will be able to accept PayPal on any plan.

Additional credit card or custom based payment methods (gateways and banks) are available on most plans. Please view the pricing page for details.


What are the security features for transactions?

Ashop Commerce shopping cart provides 128 bit Secure Socket Layer protection free of charge. This is the highest industry-standard encryption to transmit credit card information securely on its way from the shopper to our computers, and from our computers to you, the merchant.

Ashop Commerce is also Level 1 PCI DSS compliant meaning the entire admin and storefront process including customer payments are at the highest levels of online security. Tested by

Additionally, there's a comprehensive fraud detection App allowing you to scan a new order before fullfilling.


How do i know how my store is ranking and where most traffic is coming from?

Your Ashop Commerce shopping cart has tracking facilities to log where your traffic is coming from, the details of those visitors and when they are on your site.

You also have a streamlined integration with Google Analytics. This will help you determine when and where you should market your store to get the best sales results.


Does Ashop Commerce offer their shopping cart software world wide?

Yes, Ashop Commerce provides their software to merchants in US, Australia United Kingdom and any other country around the world.


What browsers / computers can I use to access my store admin and view my storefront?

You can access your stores admin panel using both a Macintosh and PC in any browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox browser by clicking here
Download Internet Explorer browser by clicking here
Download Google Chrome browser by clicking here
Download Safari for Macintosh by clicking here



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