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B2B Module

B2B Module

The B2B or Wholesale function allows the merchant to sell separately to wholesale customers through a range of additional features. The wholesale features are password protected so a customer must be manually approved on their account to be able to log in and see different products and pricing.

B2B module:

  • Show products only to wholesale customers. By listing only a wholesale price on a product (no retail price) the product does not appear in standard retail view, it will only show to logged in and approved wholesale customers. By adding the retail price, it is then visible.

  • Registration as a wholesale member. Customers must register as a member in your online store before you can approve them as a wholesale customer. The wholesale customer then uses the same membership details to log into the site, however, when they are approved, they will then see the wholesale price for the same products.

  • Sales from B2B Customers. You can recognise a sale from a B2B customer because there will be a small Icon placed next to each order when looking at your orders list from the admin.

  • Additional features. The B2B module also adds a few useful features such as B2B only shipping and payment methods, custom pages, categories and brands.

Member registration form


Approving a member as wholesaler


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