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November 2010 is officially LIVE!

 by brian on 12 Nov 2010 |
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If you're one of the thousands of current and potential customers who have been on our waiting list, now's your chance. The new Ashop Commerce [] website is now live and all new trial and signup accounts are running Version 2. This is literally day one of release, so if you have any questions of difficulties in registering for a new account, please let us know immediately via live help. It's been a long time coming, but considering the initial feedback, we hope you all enjoy the new platform and it brings your ebusiness to a new stage of growth. Many of the new features have already been implemented and there are loads more planned to take effect over the coming 3 months and beyond. The wishlist for the Version 2 platform is over 75 points long, ranging from postcode zoned custom shipping to Ebay integration. There are over 20 new innovations that you'll only find with Ashop in 2011 and we can't wait to present them to you. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter and this blog for release announcements. Any feedback on the new site and platform would be greatly appreciated, your comments and ideas are what drive Ashop.

Ashop Commerce reaches Facebook

 by brian on 03 Nov 2010 |
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.CenterSection {padding-top:0px;} .CustomPageBody {padding-top:37px;} As part of the release of Version 2 this month, Ashop Commerce has started to expand its marketing into Facebook with the new fan page Stage one was a simple goal of 25 fans in 25 hours, thankfully met with some excited fan's in the first 7 hours of opening. Being new to the platform, we felt like we were trying to run in thongs (Flip Flops for UK and US readers!), not knowing what to expect and just jumping in, praying that the community would want to be involved. Whilst 25 fans was a small goal and by no means impressive, all new marketing models need to start somewhere. Whether it be social networking or traditional advertising, it's important to touch your toes into new things and find what works best for your business. For some products, you might find a different medium works better purely based on the customer type you're trying to target e.g. B2B rather than B2C customers. Only time will tell if Facebook can expand our market and build a stronger community, but from our initial feedback, we're at least heading in the right direction. Social Networking Tip: Link all your social communication platforms together. i.e. If you have newsletters, blog, Twitter and Youtube. Make sure you feed posts and info between each platform to maximise exposure for each new update.

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