Join the program and generate income by helping to promote Ashop's online store creation services. When you become a partner with the fastest growing e-commerce service provider, you're giving yourself a chance to grow a steady, residual income stream.

Help us spread the word about how Ashop Commerce software can help businesses grow. Whether you're a blogger, an online store owner, a marketer, have an active social network (Facebook and Twitter), or just like to let your friends and family know about it, you can be a partner.

Joining the Ashop Commerce Partner Program is simple. First, select your preferred affiliate network listed on the right.


Why should I apply to the Ashop Commerce Partner Program?

Ashop Commerce is an established and trusted ecommerce software provider for businesses since 2001. The essence of what we do is empower small business to grow their online businesses using the tools we provide.

Are there any fees associated with opening a Partner Account?

Absolutely not; It is completely free to sign up, free to promote and free to use Ashop Commerce promotional material.

How do I earn income from the people I refer?

When your referral signs up for a monthly plan or individual app's with Ashop Commerce, you get an allocated percentage of the monthly revenue that Ashop generates from your referral. (Extras such as design and SEO services are not included)

How are my Partner links tracked to register a sale?

Partner links (in any form; direct links, email, banners..) are tracked automatically by cookies. Once a visitor clicks on your partner link, a cookie is placed on their computer. When that visitor signs up for an account with Ashop Commerce, Ashop Commerce follows the cookie and understands that the customer was referred by you.

How long is my referral cookie valid for?

Cookies are valid for 60 days.

What if my referral purchases App's after 60 days?

When someone signs up for an Ashop Commerce website, you now become a lifetime partner for that customer. At any time, if that customer purchases monthly services with Ashop Commerce, you get the sale commission. The cookie only limits the time frame between the day when someone clicks on your link, and signs up for an online store with Ashop Commerce

What software and network is used?

The Ashop Commerce partner network is a private network with no other affiliations to external marketing networks. The Partner Program is powered by the industry leading Affiliate Payment Pro.

How do I open my Partner Account?

Sign up to the Ashop Commerce partner program using the link at the top of this page. After filling the signup form, you will receive a confirmation email with your password.

What is my Partner ID?

Upon registering with the Partner Program you will be given a unique Partner ID. This ID helps us to track the visitors you send to Ashop Commerce and their purchases. In order for Ashop Commerce to identify you, it is essential for you to add your partner ID at the end of the links that you publish.

Your partner id looks similar to this: #a_aid=555555. The links you provide will look similar to

How do I test if my partner link is working?

After you login to your account, on the top right corner will see your partner link. Copy that link and pass it to a few people. When your friends click on the link, refresh your home page stats table, and you should be able to see the clicks generated by your friends.

How do I earn money?

Partners refer prospective customers to Ashop Commerce. When these prospects turn into customers, you earn 25% of the revenue these customers generate. This commission is paid through the whole life time of the customers.

How much can I earn?

Ashop Commerce's 4 year average customer retention rate is 98.9%. This means that you are likely to keep most of the customers that you introduce to Ashop. Based on our plan prices, you are likely to earn between $85 to $1200 per customer every year.

As Ashop Customers' businesses grow, they start using more apps or higher plans and your commissions will increase according to their usage.

Why go with Monthly Commissions v's Payment per customer acquired?

Although payment per acquisition works well to make money quick, it does not generate a stable income. Our research indicates that, monthly commissions (also referred as revenue share) provide more income in the long run. As a result, partners can grow their business bigger and generate more income. We have seen this again and again in different industries.

Why don't you offer a hybrid model (Sign Up Bonus + Monthly Shares)

Unlike other shopping cart software's, we don't charge our customers a setup fee when they open their online stores. Therefore, our business model does not allow us to pay our partners upfront outside of the first monthly fee commission.

How and when do I get paid?

Payments for generated customer revenue are visible to the affiliate instantly and are paid after 120 days via PayPal. 120 days waiting period is necessary to avoid chargebacks from fraudulent accounts.

Is there a minimum amount that I need to earn in order to receive my commission?

Any commission balances that are less than US$100 will be withheld until a future pay period when your balance is equal to or more than this minimum amount.

What are the best practices that I can follow?

Our highest performing partners have taken their time to get to know the Ashop Commerce software. They provide detailed reviews about their experience with Ashop Commerce and how it helped their business succeed or how it might help your business succeed. Feel free to open your own online store and tell your audience about your own opinions about ease of use, features and etc..

What are the no-no's for promoting?

You may not spam forums. You may not provide false or misleading information about Ashop Commerce. In short, you cannot exercise any unethical marketing practices. Ashop Commerce reserves the right to freeze or disable your account in cases of misuse or abuse the privileges that the Partner account provides.

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